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This is the Walcker-PipeOrgan-Website. Since 1780 we build and repair pipe-organs at the whole globe. I am in the 7th generation of Walcker in Organbuilding.
We are very interested in informing you about your Walcker Organ, doesn't care how old the instrument is. We will advise you in restoration, renovation, repair or maintenance.
We operate worldwide from Australia, North and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe. Please contact us for free. We will advise you with plans or suggestions what to do with the instrument. We supply all original Walcker spare parts. Any questions will be answered very soon. Gerhard Walcker-Mayer. informations

Walcker Magazin from 1922 (english)

English The history of Walcker organs begins with the appearance of Johann Eberhard Walcker (1756 - 1843) as an independent organ builder in Cannstatt in the year 1780. He had studied with Johann Georg Fries, an organ builder in Heilbronn. J. E. Walcker is re­membered in ....

Espanol En 1781 E. F. Walcker se estableció como constructor de órganos en la pequeña ciudad wurtemberguesa de Cannstatt, cerca de Stuttgart. Después de haber estado establecido durante 40 años en aquella población, la empresa fue trasladada a Ludwigsburg por su hijo, Eberhard Friedrich Walcker, en el año de 1820.

Francaise Nous allons réunir sur ces pages des documents en français sur les orgues Walcker et la musique qu'on y joue. Nous sommes très intéressés par tout témoignage, texte, ou avis, sur des instruments sortis des ateliers Walcker que vous connaitriez....