Conacher Orgel aus Tombae

Conacher from Tombae(Highlands) available

hierzu gibt es folgende Neuerungen:
Dear Alan,
we have very much interest for this organ. (Bulgaria, Libanon, Italy, France und of course Germany)
It is very important that we can take the measures and learn what conditions are to dismantle and transport this organ.
Please try to get in contact to the responsible.
Thanks, and best regards, Gerhard
This organ stands in a demolished church and is immediately available. I am assuming outside of GB only under difficult conditions. The sound of this organ is fantastic late-romanticism. Built by James Conacher& Sons in mechanic slider-chest.
I.Man Great C-g'''
1. Open Diapason 8
2. Stopped Diapason 8
3. Dulciana 8
4. Principal 4
II.Man. Swell
5. Violin Diapason 8
6. Salicional 8
7. Oboe 8 (some work nec.)
Pedal C-f'
8. Bourdon 16
We undertake dismantling, transport, restoration and construction for you: